Total Asset Protection (TAP) App for Personal Property Inventory

Document Your Belongings.
Rebuild Your Future.

Total Asset Protection (TAP) is the inventory app that lets you use your smartphone or tablet to record what you own and document the condition of your home for better insurance protection.

Everything You Own.
All In One Place.

Your home isn’t just a physical building. From your living room sofa to the sweaters in your closet, all of those kitchen utensils, and the toys you trip over in the hallway—those things matter.

And if you ever have to rebuild your home life up from scratch, you’ll want to know exactly what the insurance company needs to replace. By creating and sharing your TAP inventory, you’ll be well on your way to getting the maximum amount on your claim.

Total Asset Protection (TAP) Mobile App for Personal Property Inventory Available for iOS and Android

Here Are The Highlights

With a personal inventory, you can get peace of mind for any storm damage or loss that happens down the line. TAP helps you prepare for the worst. That way, it’s easier to get back on your feet. And get what you’re owed.


Simple prompts help you document every item throughout your home.

Inventory App

Take notes and photos for all of your things, all on your phone or tablet.


Type or use voice-to-text to add your item descriptions.


Feel better knowing your inventory is safely stored.

Quick Reports

Your inventory is automatically organized into a clean, shareable file.

Share Info

Limit the back-and-forth with your insurance company.

Total Asset Protection (TAP) App for Personal Property Inventory

Homeowners Insurance. Maximized.

Make sure nothing gets overlooked when you need to file an insurance claim. When you know exactly what needs replaced—right down to the model numbers—you’ll feel better knowing that you didn’t leave any money on the table.

Document Your Home.
Inside and Out.

From the new landscaping and all around your home’s exterior, TAP walks you through each step to record your home’s current condition. Then you can tackle the rooms one-by-one to capture every detail.

Total Asset Protection (TAP) App for Personal Property Inventory

Get Reports. With One Click.

When you need to make a claim, TAP keeps things simple. Just send your inventory report to the insurance company so they can give you the funds you’re owed for recovering all of your assets.

Total Asset Protection (TAP) Mobile and Tablet App for Personal Property Inventory

Don’t think it will ever happen to you?

Losses come when we don’t expect it, when we aren’t ready or prepared. Some times you might get a small warning, other times your not even around when a catastrophe happens. Statistics say about 10% will suffer some sort of a loss. That means the possibility is that everyone will have one in a ten year period. Be prepared to take control of your assets, a few clicks, a few picks to get you prepared!
– momto7loves –

Great app!

Great tool to inventory my house. I filed a claim with my insurance when my house was broke into. I feel like I left money on the table because I couldn’t remember what was missing when I filed my insurance claim. Years later I realized other things had been stolen but it was too late to amend my claim.
– Twh208 –

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